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Not only physical in nature. Walking your dog or letting them run the yard isn’t going to cut it. Run your dog, but also MENTALLY stimulate them. A
10 minute mental workout will supersede a physical one any day. Teach your dog’s new things, keep their minds engaged and it’ll pay dividends.


We all love to love on our dogs. It’s something that comes natural. However, an over
abundance can also result in your dog having problems with separation anxiety, destructive
behavior and lack of confidence.


Not to be confused with fear. Respect is not only earned from your dog to you but is a two-way street. With clear communication and proper
engagement with your dog, the path to “success” will make your bond unbreakable.


The result of instilling proper, foundation, structure and overall sound leadership between you and your 4-legged companion.



Ears-UPK9 training classes can help your pet learn positive behavior by providing them the foundation and structure necessary to succeed. With a variety of effective group & private classes geared toward all levels of skill, we have the perfect solution for your pets needs.

Check out our packages below to book and purchase. If you have questions or advise or are unsure of which package to select, please feel free to contact us for booking assistance.


Length: 14 Days

Price: $2750.00

Age: 4 months and older

This board and train program is for owners who don’t have the capability to take their dogs off leash but would still like to benefit from obedience training with overall structure instilled. In this program, your dog will learn how to loose leash heel, sit, down, come, wait/stay and place. We will also work on any problem behaviors your dog may have not to include human or dog aggression. These commands will all be taught and proofed under minimal distractions.  During the two weeks of training, your dog will stay with us in our facility.

3 Week Remote E-Collar Board & Train *MOST POPULAR*

Length: 21 Days

Price: $3850.00 (E-Collar Included)

Age: 6 months and up

This board and train program’s focus is on the ultimate off leash dog.  We will teach all obedience commands as are included in all other packages but we will condition your dog to what low levels of stimulation (massage) mean, as well as educating owners on proper use.  Building freedom and independence, while also being able to control your dog in any situation as a communicator with the push of a button (if need be) serves as an invisible leash.  Many dog owners thrive from this package, as they want their dogs to be off leash hiking, high traffic areas etc. Having that capability in your dog’s toolbox is just another great addition.

4-6 Week Board & Train

Length: 30 Day Minimum

Price: Starting at $4800.00

Age: 4 months and older

Our behavioral modification program is designed for the dogs that snarl, snap, bite, or straight on attack at the sight of another human, dog etc. Whether your dog’s aggression is based on fear, insecurity, defensiveness, or just down right disrespectful behavior, we are here to help.  We do not address the aggression but everything around the aggression that sets them off.  Often dog owners reinforce bad behaviors without even knowing it.  That’s where we come in to assist and re-program your dog.  In addition to, we will also train any obedience commands that you are having problems with.

1-on-1 lessons

Length: Approximately 1-1.5 hours

Price: $175 per session or
            $825 for 5 sessions

Age: 3 months and up

This program is designed for owners who have plenty of time on their hands to work with their dogs and who are interested in learning the ins and outs of training. In this program, you as the owner will learn first hand how to train your dog from start to finish. With our one-on-one lessons, you will meet with myself face to face once every two weeks (or as needed) to learn how to train your own dog.  This package is NOT for dogs with aggression issues or behavioral problems that would need more extensive attention. 

(This training will be conducted on site or in person at Ears-UpK9 depending on dog and distance to residence)




Online Video Classes – 30 Minutes for $75 or $125 for 1 Hour

This is for anyone that would like to ask me any questions about the
concerns you’re having with your dog’s training deficiencies and a plan to enhance the life of your dog as well as yourself.


IN-PERSON Consultations

In-Person Consultations (East Tennessee) $100 – 1-1.5 Hour

I will come to your residence within the local area (East Tennessee) and assess your dog’s issues as well as address any concerns you may have. This is a consult meaning that it is mostly a Q&A to form a plan moving forward with more formal training.


Check Out our Results.

 I love expanding and teaching my dogs new amazing things and then putting them all together to show the capabilities of dogs. Gauge pictured here has been in training for a long time but through clear communication he understands without any conflict what-so-ever as to what i am asking of him.

U.S. Navy Regional Kennel Master/Trainer/Handler

Nick has been responsible for the training of hundreds of dogs on four separate continents. Now, let his experience be of service to you. He believes in fostering respect between owner and dog.


I sent my 5-month-old GSD to Nick for the 1-week board and train and I’m so glad I did. I was getting very frustrated with her nipping and jumping. It was also important to me that she be able to walk on a leash without pulling. He did an amazing job with her. He also trained us so that we could enforce everything she learned over week. Nick helped us realize that we were not being consistent with our training or commands. We feel much more confident in training her and are very happy with Nick’s work.”

Sara Ingalls

“Nick did such an amazing job with our dog Diesel. Diesel was with Nick in his board and train program and returned home a different dog. Nick had his work cut out for him with Diesel. He can be a bit moody and is sometimes aggressive with other animals. So we were a little nervous sending him over knowing that Nick had 2 dogs. Nick was not the least bit concerned and always had things under control. We definitely have to do our homework and continue to reinforce what Diesel was taught in his time with Nick. We went from feeling helpless to hopeful. We could not be happier with Ears-UpK9, it was well worth the investment.”
Missy Harwood

“I took my 7-month-old German Shepherd Nova to see Nick at Ears-UpK9 one week ago for his e-collar board and train program. When I went to pick her up today I was so impressed with everything she had learned and accomplished. When I dropped her off she had minimum training and bad manners. I’m proud to say he has met and surpassed all expectations I had. I highly recommend any dog owner to Nick at Ears-UpK9 you will be very impressed with the results, care and foundation he builds with your animal. It is a great investment for mans best friend, thanks Nick.”
John Whitman

Can my female dog enroll in training if she is possibly close to her heat cycle?

No.  You’re dog must not be in heat or coming into cycle at all during training.

What are your thoughts on harnesses?

We personally do not use harnesses unless a dog has trachea issues. Harnesses, in general, promote pulling and we teach dogs to walk on a leash with a flat buckle collar. Tools are also used for accountability, a harness makes that impossible.

When should I start training my dog?

Immediately. As early as 8 weeks, kennel training should be started.

When does the training stop for our dog?

Never. You should always be working with your dog on new things as well as the ones he/she already knows.

When my dog comes home, how much training will I need to do?

You get what you put in. After you go home you should spend at least 10-15 minutes a day working on commands taught or your dogs training will lapse.



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